About Tim Godfryd

Experienced in managing, leading, motivating, and driving results in customer satisfaction, employee engagement, technical expertise, and operational excellence across one of the most recognizable and unique retail flagship locations in the world – Apple.

More than 20 years of work and life experience in all things IT; hardware/software repairs, creating innovative solutions, optimizing productivity, and capabilities in all OS environments. Skilled in the art of communicating IT for everyone from “Ah! I got it” moments for beginners, “exciting possibilities” for experts, and everything in between. Passionate about making technology approachable to all. Skilled in numerous systems on all OS platforms including SAP and Kronos.

Tim has experience in leading a dynamic and diverse multi-cultural team that delivers a one-of-a-kind customer experience that is personalized for each individual’s needs, and implementing and designing effective leadership strategies that promote a collaborative work environment and entrepreneurial spirit.

Tim is very interested in emerging markets and how the global business landscape is evolving. He has hands-on experience supporting and leading IT Repairs at an international flagship retail environment (Apple Store, Regent Street, London). Tim is very passionate about chasing and accepting challenges, and immersing himself into new business and social cultures.