Synopsis of Timothy H. Godfryd’s Career

Timothy H. Godfryd, also known as Tim, is an excellent, very experienced Retail and IT Manager and is an asset for any organization.

Tim is a very talented, practical professional who loves working with people and providing excellent customer service. He achieved his biggest professional breakthrough with Apple where he served for more than 8 years.

Tim’s growth as an individual and as an employee was appreciated by Apple and he was rewarded with his promotion as a Manager at Apple’s Fifth Avenue retail store in New York. As a Manager, he was a calm yet highly confident individual and maintained a harmonious professional environment.

At the managerial level of Apple, Tim’s responsibilities included:

  • Managing all departments of the business including IT Support Sales and Operations.
  • Maintaining Inventory accuracy.
  • Motivating, developing, coaching and delivering annual performance reviews for 25-30 direct reports.
  • Maintaining effective relationships with corporate partners for regular business alignment and solution driven meetings.
  • Developing, executing, and leading action plans across all areas of the business.

Tim’s dedication and unquestionable work ethic make him a highly desirable candidate for any organization that wants to grow and establish its niche in this highly competitive world.


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