Brief Analyses of Timothy Godfryd Career Span

With a career spanning over a decade, Timothy Godfryd has gained tremendous skills and expertise in the field of IT services, Sales, and technical support, along with an exceptional performance as Operational Manager at Amazon and as Manager, Tech support at Apple.

Being good at varied technical IT skills is not the only pro of Tim Godfryd. To excel in giant corporate like the Apple’s and the Amazon’s, one needs to have a fine tuning about leading people, managing big egos and resolving issues and Tim H. Godfryd has a tremendous grip over these skills which is why he has been such a valuable asset for the companies that he has served.

Tim’s career graph has progressed linearly due to his work ethic and hunger for knowledge. He has a plethora of experiences over an array of fields like Management, Leadership, Customer Service, Video Editing, Retail Sales, Social Networking etc. Being a dedicated Apple Employee for more than 8 years, he has a proven experience in leading a cross-cultural environment and engaging people to work as a powerful unit.

At Amazon, Tim Godfryd served as an Operation Manager with a dedicated interest in implementing improvement techniques. Being a voracious learner, he has a thorough understanding of the process enhancing techniques like the Six Sigma and the PDCA and is always on the lookout for other valuable improvement methods.

Tim H. Godfryd’s excellence in customer support services has advanced leaps and bounds with his time at Amazon (8 months). Exceeding all expectations, he has been able to retain valuable clients for the company along with enhancing the Brand Image’s perception in the eyes of general public.

Apart from the Nitty Gritty of any demanding situation and challenges, he has a keen interest in learning the indirect causes that drive sales and Brand value to an organization.


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